Friday, July 15, 2011

To have standards! 30 Day Challenge: #1 Five Ways to Win My Heart ♥

 So, I'm literally staring at the screen not knowing where to start. But I can't back down from challenges on the first day! The first day of the challenge just dove right into things. There's no handbook to win someone's heart (duh) but i guess after sitting here contemplating this ridiculous question here's what I got:

 1. Don't be afraid of the friend zone. It doesn't always lead you astray. At least for me, I prefer to be friends with someone before they win my heart. There's some level of trust with friends. I know you are saying yada yada yada I'm full of crap, but not really. I acknowledge that there are guy friends I probably wouldn't date, but that doesn't exclude the ones that probably have qualities that attract me. I know the boundaries for friendship, and that its risky to cross them, but would to it for the guy I think is right. I really value relationships where I can be emotionally honest with someone, and feel like that's reciprocated, and that the relationship is long lasting.
2. Make me laugh, try new things with me.....and have good conversation!! The girl on this picture looks very uncomfortable. Probably cause shes on a date with a boring guy who doesn't spark her intellect. Its not the easiest thing dating the ambitious girl in America, but we like new opportunities to try new things, discuss controversial topics, and laugh! I'm a sucker for funny movies. If you can't be that adventurous....I may get bored.
3. Don't be a creeper. There are different types of creepers:
  • The stalker creeper. This guy seems to pop up all the time, and not just in places you know you both just happen to go. He also has figured out your class schedule, knows where you work, where you live, and everything on your facebook. This is not flattering guys....its creepy. A less offensive version of this guy doesn't physically follow you, but internet stalks you.
  • The crude creeper. As I said before, I like to laugh, but if I don't know you and you point out my body parts in front of my friends and make comments, or say suggestive things that you haven't developed the right to say.......ew.
  • The silent creeper. Ok. Its fine to be quiet or shy, but it makes me uncomfortable if a guy never talks, you know he likes you, and hes just always staring. Women are attracted to confidence, so sometimes you gotta fake it til you make it. Just be confident.
 4. Be Ambitious! I cant stress this one more! An ambitious girl needs an ambitious guy! There's nothing better than a guy with goals. Score! It doesn't matter what it is (well it does a little), just as long as we are both working hard at something. I love relationships for romance, but I also view them as partnerships, and love when I can be inspired by a guy who wants to do something with his life.

 5. Be romantic. What can I say? I'm a hopeless romantic. I'm not saying lay it on me all at once (that might actually backfire) but once I'm interested, I like the whole simple romance exchange. Every woman likes to feel special. If we aren't, why be with us?

There you have it. Adios. I'm on to the next one!


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