Thursday, July 14, 2011

That buying a car SUCKS!

Ok so the car above is just amazing, but totally out of my range. But nonetheless, buying your first car always sucks. And it sucks even more as the ambitious girl who has hmmmm 80 things on her mind. Some people have to figure these things out on there own sadly. Here's some things I learned about buying a (used) car.....

1.I'm a girl, so any seller (dealership, private, scam artist) is going to attempt to get over on me....thats apparently life. I know a girl who tried to buy a used car and was told it was worth 11,000 when it was really worth 7,000. Thank gosh for Kelly Blue Book ------> . This is not uncommon, and plenty of sellers even do it to guys when they pick up on the fact that they don't know what's going on. The solution i keep hearing is take a guy with me. But I wonder who would I really drag as a figurative body guard to "protect" me from the mean car salesmen? Not that simple.

2. Financing sucks because college students don't have established credit, and those dealerships will charge you more that claim they don't check for it. So what happens when you can't for up X000 dollars right up may just be getting bamboozled. And stuck paying for insurance plus a jacked up car payment or interest rate....doesn't sound too good to me! I hear the solution is a larger down payment....but who knows in our economic times.

3. There are Lemons everywhere! Its always advised to have cars inspected, but that costs money if the seller hasn't already done it. No one wants to buy a car and have it break down on you a few months later. A family friend advised me find a mechanic and flirt my way to a new friend who would help, eh...could be, but not sure if I'm willing to risk the comprising of judgment or possible stalker situation.

4. How much does a decent car cost? That is so confusing. I hear 5000 is that minimum for dependency. But I have a friend who spent 1000 for her car and its lasted her 4 years so far!

5. If your gas mileage is more than 12,000 to 15,000 per year (age of car), that's not a good thing. But thats not always a predictor of how good a car is.

So, there's obviously a lot of factors involved with this decision. Make, Model, Size, Mileage, Price, Gas Milage......smh.....I just have a headache cause its stressing me out to decide alone. If you guys have any opinions, let it out....I'm going to get some Aleve.


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