Thursday, July 14, 2011

La Musica

So, I'm a very eclectic person. And music is my Love. So one thing that I have learned is that when you are going through something there are always songs, or even artists that help drastically for motivation. Music can cure just about anything. So, here are a few songs that I use on the daily to get me pumped (again, I have bookoo music, so this is not a good representation, just my current frequents:

Firstly I love pink, introducing my ipod:

I'll start with my shorter, older twin who's grill is a little bit messier, Corinne Bailey Rae (just kidding about the grill, she's beautiful!) I started liking her in high school, and everybody really thinks I look like her. Her self titled Debut album has a song that I really think is for me, or in reality, the younger she entitled "Put your records on" LISTEN!!!!!

Switching it up for you. NO, I am not a Harajuku barbie, nor do i speak the language in the nictionary -----> ( ) YES THERE ACTUALLY IS ONE, WTF? But I am a Nicki fan. And even though she is commercialized now (VERY), I am an avid fan of her old mixtapes. Motivational Nicki songs I like right now are "here I am", "Keys Under Palm Trees", "Dear Old Nicki (Or Jiji in my mind)", "Fly" and honestly countless others. Please ladies, lets stop being crabs in the bucket (direct quote, haha) and give Nicki her props.

"I got a pocket, got a pocket full of sunshine, I got a love and I know that its all mine oh". I know its cheesy, but I love that scene from "Easy A" where her grandmother gives her a birthday card with the song. It feels so good once you keep listening to it. I'm not the biggest fan of Natasha Bedingfield's vocals, but her music is always feel good nonetheless.

Amy Lee is the Shizs. I couldn't create a motivation music list without her, I named my first guitar after her (RIP). I'm not sure If I recommend Evanescence's latest album (blasphemous), I'm sorry It does her no justice, but when you just feel like, well feeling....and hearing the most amazing voice ever, Amy is your girl. Not to mention, coming from a poet.....just look at some of her lyrics and you will understand my teenage infatuation with her.

So, do you wonder why I'm so cool, sweet, fresh, and clean? ITS THE GOD IN ME! This song has the best form of motivation. It also illustrates how you never can judge a book by his cover. Just because someone is fabulous doesn't mean they got it easy. Hey every Christian woman should try her best to shine and be motivational.

I have a love/hate relationship with Beyonce. I despise the song "Run the World" Namely for these reasons:

However, I love to listen to "Ego" and "Upgrade You" when I just feeling being cocky chick (AKA Sasha Fierce). Beyonce is good for that. And I do consider myself a fan, and respect her hustle. I aint got the kind of talent to strut across stage and sing like crazy and act.....well not acting. Love you Beyonce!

If I meet a guy with the swagger(yea i said swagger) Drake has, I may just be in trouble. I automatically zone in and listen when ever a beat slows down and I hear his voice...Not to mention his lyrics. Soooo. If you see me walking around campus with a thank me later tshirt on, you know why. That album is awesome and I have no idea what his sophmore album can do to top it. But it possibly can. I still look back on his mixtapes and see similar, maybe even better quality. So, play your cards right and I may invite you to our wedding.(maybe). Cause together we'd "Shut it Down"

Its scary how much I can relate to Rhianna. Who care's what the media says, she adds a definitely unpredictability to mainstream that I feel never goes over the top (except for S&m I hate that song). "RockStar 101" is my feel good Rhianna choice, but I still love her when shes not so outrages and making a statement (I.e man down, and love the way you lie).

For now there's only one Wale song that just gets my crunk and that is "The Ambitious Girl" He's a poet too! Go check it out. I like him as an artist, he seems very versatile (He was on a song with Wocka Flocka....come on) But please listen to this song!

So there's my music soapbox. It was impossible to create a complete list.....really....impossible. Dueces!


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