Wednesday, July 20, 2011

That My Opinion Ultimately Doesn't Matter. 30 Day Blog Challenge: #6 My Views on Mainstream Music

4 Artists that I was a big fan of before they became super mainstream:

I personally don't mind when artists go mainstream and they still maintain the substance in their music. You can't achieve globalization without becoming that artist that is an everyday face. In high school I was the biggest Evanescence fan, loved that I knew the music that no one else knew unless they digged deeper than the hit hit songs like "Bring Me to Life", which I feel barely scratched the surface of their true talents. The same for the other ones.

But sometimes things go wrong with mainstream:

Ok, I know someone is going to get onto me for putting Ke$ha. Her music is dumb (yet catchy) to me like the other two, but I'll just consider her an opinion. In my opinion, we let a lot of pointless music come into our stream, and I personally wonder, why did this person really become popular? We pay these people to give us party music. Thats my answer. I go to the club and jam (not that hard unless I'm drunk) to all three of these artists. Sometimes we just want to feel good without worrying so hard about lyrics and substance...can't be mad at that I guess.

Mainstream female artists really go a little overboard with fashion:
Before and After Fashion


Nicki Minaj

Lady Gaga


But I do respect the envelops that mainstream artists push. A lot of them are creating brands. The question is are they fostering their true creativity or truly not expressing the real people. Have their images become characters that they have created? Either way, its entertaining. 

I don't have any personal problems with mainstream music...except for certain artists, and like I said  my opinion ultimately doesn't matter. They will still make their money despite the opinion of one music critic, and we will all have that popular artist that brings us together as music listeners!



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