Monday, August 29, 2011

That More things annoy me than I thought... 30 Day Blog Challenge: #7 Five Pet Peeves

Sorry Guys, because of my life as the ambitious girl, I have been a bit MIA. Ive been delayed a little bit on this challenge but here goes:

Number 1:  When somebody purposely doesn't respond to me. I've gotten way better at this. I don't respond the way this girl does anymore. But I do feel I bit of annoyance when someone is rude enough to start a conversation and not respond. Its worse if there's an argument happening and my emotions are escalated.  But you can't make people do what you want.

Number Two: I really hate when people are condescending towards me. Its worse when it is someone who doesn't know me at all, but it definitely angers me when it is someone who knows me.We all do it.  I do, however think that people who do this a lot, often put their foot in their mouth.

Number 3: People who talk too much (always have an opinion), particularly about things they don't understand......nuff said.

Number 4: When people are politically incorrect. Not just about race, but gender, sexual orientation, disability, socioeconomic status, etc. Its not funny to me, especially if its not just an accident, but an act of insensitivity. I'm a social worker, come on!

Number 5: I don't like when people are shallow. Not to say that looks don't matter, but I usually don't get too excited by people who are preoccupied with it. Same goes with money.

Well that was simple, see you later!!!!