Monday, January 2, 2012

to SLOW DOWN....Ambition can be exhausting!

Ok... Lately because of Winter Break....I have been forced to slow down from all of my ambitions. Been sitting around my parent's house....and got sick!!!! I guess all the ambition from the last year has caught up with me. And its the first time I been sick the whole time. Last year has been ridiculously hard for me as well as ridiculously rewarding and I have grown more in that year than I have for a looooonnng time.

Happy New Year!

I realize a mistake. Do not inticipate the next year! Its exhausting! I look back on all of the work that I put in in 2011 to overcome and achieve, and it doesn't make me too excited about 2012! In January alone I have the biggest even of my life (Miss Alabama USA 2012), My birthday, the National Champtionship (Roll Tide), Spanish Fly, and the pressure of starting my final semester on the right track at the University of Alabama, as well as finding a new car and job to last me the rest of the year! Enough to make a girl exhausted right? Not to mention Grad School and being on my own starting in May!!!!!! This is how I feel right now:

Moral of the story: To All my ambitious girls, Live the next year one day at a time.....If not you will go crazy! Ambition comes from within. We are our biggest motivation!

Much Love and Happy 2012,



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